Version 5.2
  Author: Adriano12.03.2017 11:45  
This Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight) app is still alive!
Ok, I will never port this to Windows 10 because this means other 4 years of work and I am busy with my "increased" family and with other projects (eSheep 64bit, the sheep that walks over the desktop).

But here a new version!

  • Solved a bug on statistics: If you had a night shift, all hours was counted on the first day. Now, if you works from 22:00 to 4:00 the first 2 hours are on the first day and the other 4 hours on the next day.
  • Solved a bug with the combo: if you selected "entire year" and entered again, the checkbox was not checked but it repeated it for the entire year.
  • Solved a bug on the personalized images: If you selected HD-Image, it wasn`t possible to use the personalized images. Now it works like expected
  • Added 2 arrows on the bottom. A lot of users, doesn`t know that there was more than 5 shifts to select. And the most users can`t find the combo button :/ Hope it is more easy now :)
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