Shift Scheduler Viewer
  Author: Adriano17.06.2016 22:08  
I got one of the first comments in the store for this app (after 4 years!!!!).
So I begun to write a new app for the viewer, a UWP-Universal Windows Platform app. So it works on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and also on Hololens!
I am new to this world, and so I need some time to develop it. To re-write the main application, it will take years, so I am not sure I will ever update it. Also because the only countries who pay for the addons are Italy, Germany, UK and Australia.

In this article you can see how the viewer will be. The nice thing is that the users added on the phone will automatically added also on the desktop version of the app.

It is in development-phase, so if you want try it, write me a mail with your microsoft-email and I will add you to the "insider" list. It would be nice to get some testers, even if this app is only an extension.
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