Version 5.0
  Author: Adriano04.10.2015 14:04  
I know, there is not much news on this app. This app is become too professional and as personal project too big!

I do my best to make this app always better, so I implemented some new functions in this version:
Version 5.0:

  • Using new Windows libraries
  • Shows up to 120 appointments each month (before it was 60)
  • Beta: HD-image - image preview of the next version
  • COMBO: multi-insert added. Click many time on one shift to add the shift X-times
  • STATISTICS: personalize statistics view: see how many hours/shift types you had in weeks or days, not only months.
  • Title resized, so I have more space for the important things
  • Month day moved up. A lot of you will like it, a lot of you will give me a bad vote :(


If you open your COMBO page, you can press on the last checkbox. Once you return to the calendar page, press many times on a shift to increase the count. This will work until you exit from the app or you uncheck this option in the COMBO.


Many asked me to add this function. Now you can give a block (say 1 week or 10 days) and see how many shifts you had or how many hours you worked on this block. You need to try to understand it :P


Prepare for a new, better view of your calendar! I am working on images with alpha. This images will be 16 times better than the currents ones and add the possibility to add transparency. Because my images are never accepted by a lot of people, I will give you the possibility to create a package and other people will be able to vote. The package with the most votes, will be used in the next release. Stay tuned for more infos... They will come, when I am ready to launch this new feature!
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