Shift Scheduler NEWS about the Shift Scheduler App (Symbian and WP8). Have your shifts always by you!mobile apps2011-2016 - © Adriano. Shift Scheduler NEWS Widget Now the PWA begins to works...

After a lot of updates and works on the Web-App, I was able to give a great features to Android phones.
After releasing the Live Tile for Windows:

I wrote also an Android widget:

After installing it, you have to insert your calendar ID and friends code. Then you will get 1 to 5 icons on the main screen with the next shifts.

Want new features?

If you need some features, write it here. I will try to implement them as soon as possible.

20.07.2018 09:38 -
New App available as PWA Progressive Web App is the new technology

A new version of the app is available.
After developing the app in Qt for Symbian and Silverlight for Windows Mobile I am developing it in HTML5 for all devices!
You can try it opening this web page: Or you can download it as app from the Windows store (this will give you a Live Tile:

It is still in developing phase, so you have only few functionality. You can report any bug, suggestion or question in the dedicated blogs or forum.

01.06.2018 11:08 -
New server active Page ported to new server

The new server is active and works.
I changed the DNS, so I hope this will not cause too many problems.

If something doesn`t work or you get some error messages, REPORT THEM HERE!
I will solve them as soon as possible.

But after some tests, it seems to works like expected.

02.11.2017 11:37 -
New server webpage transfer

I am developing a new shift scheduler. This one is web based.
Offline sheduler is nice but the synchronisation is difficult and my protocol didn`t changed since 2009 (in facts, the shifts works on Symbian and Windows Phone).

For the new shift scheduler, you can edit the shifts over a mobile phone and over a webpage and the most functionality will be available over the web.
Unfortunately my Server is really old and I can`t do anything... So I will move over a more powerful server.

The service will be interrupted for 2-3 days.
Date is unknown, I will write again when the server will be down.

31.10.2017 10:08 -
Version 5.2 Solved some bugs in different addons

This Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight) app is still alive!
Ok, I will never port this to Windows 10 because this means other 4 years of work and I am busy with my "increased" family and with other projects (eSheep 64bit, the sheep that walks over the desktop).

But here a new version!

  • Solved a bug on statistics: If you had a night shift, all hours was counted on the first day. Now, if you works from 22:00 to 4:00 the first 2 hours are on the first day and the other 4 hours on the next day.
  • Solved a bug with the combo: if you selected "entire year" and entered again, the checkbox was not checked but it repeated it for the entire year.
  • Solved a bug on the personalized images: If you selected HD-Image, it wasn`t possible to use the personalized images. Now it works like expected
  • Added 2 arrows on the bottom. A lot of users, doesn`t know that there was more than 5 shifts to select. And the most users can`t find the combo button :/ Hope it is more easy now :)

12.03.2017 11:45 -
Shift Scheduler Viewer 3.7 Solved a Sync-bug

There was a bug in the Windows 10 Viewer. It didn`t updated the shifts on year 2017 (because the app updated only 1 year, not 2).

With this update the synchronisation will happen also for the next year.

Additionally, there are also some more color-settings for the calendar.

Thank you for your feedbacks and enjoy the viewer :)

05.12.2016 11:52 -
Shift Scheduler Viewer Important update for the viewer

I got one of the first comments in the store for this app (after 4 years!!!!).
So I begun to write a new app for the viewer, a UWP-Universal Windows Platform app. So it works on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and also on Hololens!
I am new to this world, and so I need some time to develop it. To re-write the main application, it will take years, so I am not sure I will ever update it. Also because the only countries who pay for the addons are Italy, Germany, UK and Australia.

In this article you can see how the viewer will be. The nice thing is that the users added on the phone will automatically added also on the desktop version of the app.

It is in development-phase, so if you want try it, write me a mail with your microsoft-email and I will add you to the "insider" list. It would be nice to get some testers, even if this app is only an extension.

17.06.2016 22:08 -
Insider build: 14327 - bug solved A bug didn`t allowed WP8-app to start

Good news! Microsoft released the insider build 14327 and solved the bug with WP8-apps!

Now you can start the app again. If you can`t see your purchased addons, don`t worry! It is another Windows bug. Open the addon page and click on the purchased addon. The store will be opened to purchase the addon, at this point Microsoft will detect that the addon is already paid and you will get it back without pay another time!

To ask sorry for this inconvenience, I will give you 10 codes for the "ALARM" addon. If you open the link you will be able to use this addon for free for 6 months. After this time, the addon will be removed automatically.


I have other 10 codes, ask them as comment and I will send it to the 10 fastest people :D

21.04.2016 18:41 -
Attention: Insider users This application does not work on some insider versions

If you are in the Windows Insider program, this application can hang on startup!

Some users reported that the application will not load anymore if you install an insider Windows version!

Please do not install this build:

Insider Build 14295

reported from a Lumia 650.

I will see if I can do something.

In the last months I didn`t had much time, and I will not have it in the future... I got my first child: so I have a lot to do for my real life and doesn`t have much time for the virtual life anymore :P Sorry for it!

06.04.2016 16:27 -
Version 5.0 Addons extended and prepared for HD images

I know, there is not much news on this app. This app is become too professional and as personal project too big!

I do my best to make this app always better, so I implemented some new functions in this version:
Version 5.0:

  • Using new Windows libraries
  • Shows up to 120 appointments each month (before it was 60)
  • Beta: HD-image - image preview of the next version
  • COMBO: multi-insert added. Click many time on one shift to add the shift X-times
  • STATISTICS: personalize statistics view: see how many hours/shift types you had in weeks or days, not only months.
  • Title resized, so I have more space for the important things
  • Month day moved up. A lot of you will like it, a lot of you will give me a bad vote :(


If you open your COMBO page, you can press on the last checkbox. Once you return to the calendar page, press many times on a shift to increase the count. This will work until you exit from the app or you uncheck this option in the COMBO.


Many asked me to add this function. Now you can give a block (say 1 week or 10 days) and see how many shifts you had or how many hours you worked on this block. You need to try to understand it :P


Prepare for a new, better view of your calendar! I am working on images with alpha. This images will be 16 times better than the currents ones and add the possibility to add transparency. Because my images are never accepted by a lot of people, I will give you the possibility to create a package and other people will be able to vote. The package with the most votes, will be used in the next release. Stay tuned for more infos... They will come, when I am ready to launch this new feature!

04.10.2015 14:04 -